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Jul 4 2018

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John Henry Moulton

Prior to founding WayPoint Capital Partners, John Henry spent seven years at Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS) focusing as a generalist on mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and mezzanine investments. In addition to his interest in finance, John Henry has worked as an attorney focused on technology companies. He holds a Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University with a specialty in Technology Law and a BS from the University of California at Berkeley in Legal Studies. He resides in Greenwich, CT with three children, his wife and their dog. When he’s not helping business owners find their way, he’s usually pursuing outdoor activities with family and friends, like fly fishing, shooting, skiing and golf.

Thomas Drechsler

Prior to joining WayPoint Capital Partners, Thomas was a member of Veronis Suhler Stevenson’s Private Equity Fund where he focused on new platform investments and creating value from challenged portfolio assets. Prior to joining VSS, Thomas was a member of Bear Stearns’ Mergers & Acquisitions Group, advising third party clients on transactions across a broad array of industries. Thomas holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He resides in Miami, FL with his wife. When he’s not busy partnering with entrepreneurs or leading the execution of transactions, he’s busy fishing, golfing and hunting.

Philip L. Edmunds
Vice President

Prior to joining WayPoint Capital Partners, Philip was an Associate at DW Healthcare Partners, a healthcare services and technology-focused private equity firm with $750 million in assets under management. At DW Healthcare Partners, Philip focused on making new platform investments and managing the fund’s current portfolio. Prior to joining DW Healthcare Partners, Philip was a member of Deloitte Consulting’s Merger & Acquisition Advisory Group, advising Fortune 500 clients on transactions across healthcare, technology, and a range of other industries. Philp holds a BA from the Kenyon College.

Relationship Network

A partnership with WayPoint Capital Partners provides access not only to all the relationships of our internal investment professionals and advisors, but also to the wider investment community as a result of more than 100 fund relationships, spanning private equity and hedge funds, developed over the past two decades. Our goal is to bring all our relationships to bear to make you successful. For more details on relationships by industry, please contact us .

Helping Achieve Your Goals

Our job is to better understand your needs and create a structure and support network to help put your business on the best path to the next level of success. To this end, we only focus on completing one or two high-quality opportunities each year that fit our criteria. While we focus primarily on mid-market deals, we are open to working with you in a variety of ways. After all, we figure life is too short to limit how we help smart, interesting people. Please choose which category below best describes your situation, see if it fits and give us a call .

I’m interested in how WayPoint Capital Partners can help me as a:


At WayPoint Capital Partners, we structure investments creatively tailored to the unique needs of each individual founder or company. We enable entrepreneurs and management teams to take the next step in the evolution of their business whether they want to take control or take a back seat, realize growth organically or through acquisitions, or set up a plan to retire. We’ll provide you with a full range of both liquidity and business planning needs, so give us a call .


We are always looking to expand our relationship network of advisors and meet new people at WayPoint Capital Partners. If you’re interested in helping drive strategic or operational synergies in our portfolio companies. would like to mentor young entrepreneurs to become Fortune 500 CEOs, or can help source new opportunities for our firm, please feel free to give us a call .

General Partners

From time to time, in addition to doing middle market transactions, we help start general partnerships in markets we believe are interesting and can deploy capital. Besides providing capital, we also provide advice and introductions to other investors—having been in over 100 funds through Privet Capital. We ll also provide liquidity for portfolio companies in partnerships during tough times to set valuation marks and can even bridge deals if GPs are in between fund raising cycles.


Interested in getting your deal closed, funded and getting to work making your company successful? Having worked with fundless sponsors in a variety of different formats, WayPoint Capital Partners provides a compelling alternative for getting your deal closed, as opposed to working with other investors who do not provide, nor have the capability to bring, deal-closing resources.

Family Offices

If you re interested in learning more about the costs and benefits of establishing an in-house private equity team, then you should contact WayPoint Capital Partners. We ve done it for over seven years with a single family office and can discuss in detail our successes and stumbles. We are open to discussing how to leverage our platform and yours to create mutual success in deal sourcing and execution going forward.

When we work side-by-side with management teams and our partners to help grow their business through creative deal structuring and relationship networking, we create multiples of value in excess of the associated risks. Our goals are not only to do well for ourselves, but more importantly, for our partner management teams, as they will be our greatest reference and source of deal flow in the future. It’s a virtuous cycle.

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