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Jun 7 2018

Windows 2012 Cluster Error Event 1196

Last Modified: 2013-03-29

3 Days troubleshooting this error. It’s a brand new cluster installation, and I’m out of options.

Cluster Event:
Cluster network name resource ‘Cluster Name’ failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason:
DNS server failure.
Ensure that the network adapters associated with dependent IP address resources are configured with at least one accessible DNS server.

I’ve done everything I could find online regarding this error including, but not limited to:

Giving full control permission to the cluster name in DNS
Giving the cluster name, full control to the DNS servers to update records.
Delete the cluster name and recreate using the (Allow any authenticated user to update DNS record with the same owner name) option.

The heartbeat NICs are not configured for DNS/DHCP. and there are no cNAME or any other DNS entries for the Cluster Name in any of the DNS servers.

Checking the binding order of the nics, using and setting them as network at the top, hyper-V virtual network interfaces in the middle, and iSCSI adapters at the bottom. unused adapters below that.

I’ve destroyed the cluster, made sure it was removed from DNS, updated and reloaded zones, ipconfig /flush DNS on all server to make sure the cluster name was gone. Then rebuilt the cluster again.

Was using two adapters in a 2012 NIC team, removed one of the adapters from the team and tested.

Take cluster offline and use the repair cluster option in the cluster manager. 1196 still appears when cluster comes online.

I’m sure there are more things I tried, but I’m at a loss at this point. Does anyone have a suggestion of what to check next? I don’t have any other DNS problems, or errors on the network regarding DNS.

Obviously I can ping DNS servers and do lookups from the hyper-v hosts. Everything else with the cluster and virtual machine operations seem ok.

I would be very grateful for some help on this. Thanks!

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