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Aug 31 2018

Telemedicine May Prove Valuable in Rural Sexual Assault Cases

A pilot program launched by Penn State will use telemedicine to help nurses in rural health systems identify and treat victims of sexual assault.

August 21, 2017 A new program in Pennsylvania plans to use telemedicine to help nurses identify and treat sexual assault victims.

The Penn State College of Nursing is using a Justice Department grant to launch the program through the Pennsylvania Sexual Assault Forensic Examination and Telehealth (SAFE-T) Center on the Penn State campus. Plans call for four rural health sites to be linked to the SAFE-T Center later this year in a pilot project.

Through the platform, nurses in those rural health systems can train to become forensic Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) or connect in real-time with a trained SANE provider when a patient visits the health system. Read full article .

Remarks by President Trump at Department of Veterans Affairs Telehealth Event

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I’d like to begin by thanking Secretary David Shulkin for the incredible progress that he’s making at the VA tremendous strides. Thank you very much, David. We appreciate it. The veterans appreciate it, I can tell you that.

Today, I’m pleased to announce another historic breakthrough that will expand VA services to many more patients and veterans. We will do this through telehealth services. It’s what it’s called telehealth services.

We’re expanding the ability of veterans to connect with their VA healthcare team from anywhere using mobile application on the veteran’s own phone or the veteran’s own computer. This will significantly expand access to care for our veterans, especially for those who need help in the area of mental health, which is a bigger and bigger request and also in suicide prevention. It will make a tremendous difference for the veterans in rural locations in particular. Read full article. Worldwide Telemedicine Experts

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