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Mar 13 2018

TaskJuggler – A Free and Open Source Project Management Software – About TaskJuggler

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The TaskJuggler Project Management Software

TaskJuggler is written in Ruby and should be easily installable and usable on all popular operating systems. It may sound surprising at first, but this software does not need a graphical user interface. A command shell, a plain text editor (no word processor!) and a web browser is all you need for your work.

Features and Highlights

Basic Properties

  • Manages tasks, resources and accounts of your project
  • Powerful to-do list management
  • Detailed reference manual
  • Simple installation
  • Runs on all Linux, Unix, Windows, MacOS and several other operating systems
  • Full integration with Vim text editor

Advanced Scheduling

  • Automatic resource leveling and tasks conflict resolution
  • Unlimited number of scenarios (baselines) of the same project for what-if analysis
  • Flexible working hours and leave management
  • Support for shift working
  • Multiple time zone support


  • Tasks may have initial costs, finishing costs
  • Resources may have usage based costs
  • Task and/or resource base cost models
  • Support for profit/loss analysis


  • Comprehensive and flexible reports so you can find the information you need when you need it
  • Powerful filtering functions to provide the right amount of detail to the right audience
  • Time and status sheet reporting infrastructure
  • Project tracking and status reporting with dashboard support

Scaling and Enterprise Features

  • Projects can be combined to larger projects
  • Support for central resource allocation database
  • Manages roles and complex reporting lines
  • Powerful project description language with macro support
  • Scales well on multi-core or multi-CPU systems
  • Support for project management teams and revision control systems
  • Data export to Microsoft Project and Computer Associates Clarity

Web Publishing and Groupware Functions

  • HTML reports for web publishing
  • CSV data export for exchange with popular office software
  • iCalendar export for data exchange with calendar and productivity applications
  • Built-in web server for dynamic and interactive reports
  • Server based time sheet system for status and actual work reporting


TaskJuggler 3.6.0 has been released

Reported on 2016-03-12

Finally we have a new TaskJuggler release. It took way longer to release than it should have. About half of the changes are new features and the other half are bug fixes. Ruby 2.x is now required to use TaskJuggler.

TaskJuggler has moved to a new server

Reported on 2014-12-23

For the past 7 years, the TaskJuggler web site has been hosted on the same server. It was about time to upgrade to more snappy hardware. We also switched the OS version and setup everything from scratch. Please report to the mailing lists in case you see any issues.

TaskJuggler 3.5.0 has been released

Reported on 2013-06-30

This release took a little longer to bake due to a change of jobs on my end. The long wait comes with some long wanted features like hammock tasks. Many error messages were made clearer and are hopefully now more informative. We also made the switch to Ruby 2.0 as recommended Ruby version. 1.9 is still fully supported and even 1.8.7 and later work with some restrictions. [Read More. ]

TaskJuggler 3.4.0 has been released

Reported on 2012-12-18

TaskJuggler 3.4.0 comes with a bunch of incremental improvements and lots of bug fixes. Almost all of the changes were triggered by bug reports and feature requests from the user community. A big thank you to everybody who contributed patches, bug reports and feedback! [Read More. ]

TaskJuggler 3.3.0 has been released

Reported on 2012-07-24

With this release, TaskJuggler gains more interoperability with other project management tools. You can now export your scheduled projects in Microsoft Project XML format. [Read More. ]

TaskJuggler 3.2.0 has been released

Reported on 2012-04-30

A new report type to track values over time has been added. This can be used e. g. to generate burndown charts for your Scrum project. [Read More. ]

TaskJuggler 3.1.0 has been released

Reported on 2012-01-12

Introducing account reports, comprehensive leave management and the ability to be used as a To-do list manager. [Read More. ]

Happy 10th Anniversary, TaskJuggler!

Reported on 2011-11-30

Exactly 10 years ago, the first TaskJuggler commit was recorded. The program has come a very long way. Cheers, to all our users!

TaskJuggler 3.0.0 has been released

Reported on 2011-11-02

After 5 years of work the re-write of TaskJuggler has been completed. [Read More. ]

New signing key for TaskJuggler releases

Reported on 2011-10-25

For future releases, a new GPG key with ID 2AD38B49 will be used. The key is already available from GPG key servers. [Read More. ]

New TaskJuggler web site has been launched

Reported on 2011-10-03

To prepare for the upcoming TaskJuggler 3.0 release, the TaskJuggler web site has been redesigned. [Read More. ]

TaskJuggler III 0.2.2 has been released

Reported on 2011-09-14

This is most likely the final beta before the big 3.0 release. [Read More. ]

TaskJuggler III 0.2.1 has been released

Reported on 2011-07-13

Many new features and a 3 – 5x speed improvement of the scheduler. [Read More. ]

TaskJuggler on the Web

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