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Jan 31 2018

Samsung 50 – Class (49

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Samsung – 50 Class (49.5 Diag.) – LED – 1080p – Smart – HDTV – Black

WRONG SPECIFICATION: THE MOTION RATE IS 60HZ Posted by: TJNAS from: on The TV is advertised online and in the store to be a 120hz motion rate. I bought 1 yesterday, everywhere on it is written 120 hz motion rate, on the box its written 120, on the receipt it is written 120. I turned it on and it was blurry. I checked the TV info and it says its a 60hz. I palyed with all the settings and nothing change. I called BEST BUY and the tech tells me it is actually built to be a 60 hz and not 120 hz motion rate since the TV info says 60, and that there is no setting on the TV that will enable me adjust to 120hv. SO WHY ADVERTISE A HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT BUT INSTEAD PACKAGE AND SELL A LOW QUALITY ONE? IT IS A 60HZ MOTION RATE TV AND NOT 120HZ.

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Samsung SmartHub Technology is HORRIBLE Posted by: Psychadelic312 from: on Where do I start with this TV? Lets start with the positives. The picture is great. It looks really good. Blu Ray movies look superb! Negatives Samsung SmartHub technology is HORRIBLE SmartHub tends to go into a weird state, which requires that I reset the TV. On a couple of occasions the TV has gone into a sleepmode/screensaver while playing a blu ray. I don’t have cable so buying a SmartTV was a way for me to cut the cable cord, but the SmartHub technology is horrible. Overall the picture is great. However, I bought a Smart TV for a reason, so far it’s looking to be a dumb move on my part. (no pun intended)

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can’t get anyone to listen or help Posted by: jailgirl from: on horrible picture. have been back to store x2. no help. I think ive got a lemon and store will not help me. I did not purchase the protection plan but told store I would be glad to pay the geek team to come to my house and set the picture the way it should have been done in the first place. Really disappointed in Best Buy, always had good experience before. Buy all our stuff from there—no more!

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Bad purchase Posted by: Kate from: on I bought this tv because I love Samsung products. But I was extremely disappointed with it. The SmartHub did not work, an error code came up. I called Samsung to see if they could fix it, but they said that they are having the same problem with all of their tvs, and they currently do not have a solution for it. They gave me a phone number to call every 48 hours to let them know if it still wasn’t working. I packed it up immediately and went back to Best Buy. They let me exchange it for a different tv with no problem. I got a Sony Bravia and absolutely love it.

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Eco Sensor may be best turned off Posted by: kjocque from: on I bought this HDTV for my mother. We were both impressed by the quality of the picture after I put it in place. Unfortunately, that night she called to say the screen had gone very dim. After some unsuccessful troubleshooting over the phone I went in person to see the problem. When I got there the next morning the problem had disappeared. Then it reapeared that night. It turned out this was not a problem with the TV but instead it was a feature called Eco Sensor, see below. I turned off Eco Sensor and all is well. If you run into this here’s how you can turn it off. Eco Sensor adjusts the brightness of the TV automatically. This feature measures the light in your room and optimizes the brightness of the TV automatically to reduce power consumption. If you want to turn this off, go to MENU System Eco Solution Eco Sensor.

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INCREDILBE! Posted by: brandon240 from: on Incredibly nice television for the money! Insanely nice picture and sound quality. Super fast apps, and VERY user friendly. Piece of art!

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Great Picture, terrible software Posted by: AZUser3333 from: on Samsung continues to produce TV’s with beautiful pictures, but glitchy and unreliable Smart Hub software. Very slow to load, even slower to respond. Often get messages like, “TV is being prepared. Come back later.” Turning auto software update on/off, resetting Smart Hub, using latest firmware doesn’t help at all. TV comes with no apps already loaded so if Smart Hub doesn’t work properly you are stuck. Finally gave up and use Roku to bypass Smart Hub. Had same problems with other Samsungs. My fault for believing this time would be better.

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Awesome TV when its working Posted by: Dj62 from: on I thought Samsung was beyond the power up issues that plagued earlier models. Tv takes 5-10 minutes to turn on with constant resets, pixilation and audio dropouts. When this happens remote is useless. And of course it starts happening literally 1 week after the time i can return it to BB.

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Once you calibrate, it’s great Posted by: Tiberius from: on This review will cover both the TV itself, as well as the buying experience at Best Buy. The basic skinny: overall a great TV for $649 ($100 off the standard $749), but it’s too soon for me to give it an ‘excellent’ rating, since I’ve only had it a month. I’d be greatly pleased if I could get 10 years out of it, like I did with my previous set, a Samsung 47″ DLP. Oh, how I miss my DLP, with it’s non-reflective screen and six forward facing speakers in the base! Good sound is not part of the package with these new low cost LED television sets, so you should either invest in a soundbar or, like me, run it through your existing audio system. Out of the box, the colors are way too bright and over saturated. My understanding is these are calibrated for big bright display rooms, which pretty much describes Best Buy, Target, HH Greggs, etc. To fix this, go online and Google “calibration settings for Samsung J6200 series LED TV” and you’ll find several options to help you get the picture that works best for your particular viewing room. I found this site helpful: Don’t get hung up on whether it matches your exact model number, as this will get you in the ballpark and serve as a great tutorial for future “touch-ups”. Grab a few of your favorite DVD’s (ones you know backward and forward), brew a cup of tea or coffee, and be patient, as you may have to do this a few times. Do not fear – if you botch it there is a reset button that puts the picture back to its original values. You should calibrate both the ‘standard’ setting and the ‘movie’ setting. I use Standard for over the air (I don’t have cable) broadcasts, and Movie for Roku streaming and DVD viewing. By the way, the digital tuner in this set is excellent; my flat Audiovox antenna draws in a terrific over-the-air HD picture. After several rounds of calibrating [spread out over a week] I achieved the optimal picture settings for my viewing room. The outer build on this model is rather flimsy [the norm these days for sub-thousand dollar sets) so you need to put it where it’s going to live and leave it alone, save for the occasional dusting. Now for my buying experience at Best Buy: Excellent! One of the best things about Amazon is they’ve forced ‘brick and mortar’ stores to step up their service game. I was going to buy the TV on Amazon, but figured I’d give my local Best Buy (North Riverside, IL) a shot, since they matched the price. Every employee I came in contact with was courteous and professional. Not once did I feel pressured. They didn’t attempt to up-sell me on a different model (another good thing about Amazon, and the web in general, is you can and should do your homework before making ANY big ticket purchases; there are reviews aplenty online and while I know you can’t always believe what you read, one can visit enough sites to come up with a fairly valid consensus). So, if you’re willing to invest a little time in the set-up, you can have an excellent picture for a modest price. Here’s hoping you have the same overall buying experience I did. Cheers!

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great tv Posted by: buster1234 from: on love the color but the picture twitches slightly during fast motion. can anyone help me with this.

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