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Jul 31 2017

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Photography Schools in St. Louis

Students can get their photography game on at any of several world-class institutions of higher learning in St. Louis, such as Washington University, whose photography major includes training in documentary work, studio work, digital format, and even classic nonsilver techniques. Webster University can also train photographers in the old-school and latest-technological techniques. At Fontbonne University, one can expect an academy-style art education that stresses work in the studio and study in art history. The University of Missouri at St. Louis offers the best of both worlds — a B.F.A. in photography that can be used for graduate work and solid training to prepare you for the workforce.

Speaking of the workforce, government job projections indicate that photography careers are on the rise in St. Louis through at least 2010. The statistics show that multimedia artist job growth should be 7.25% and photographer job growth should be 8.21%. With almost 700 full-time photographer positions in the city in 2004, those increases are no small change!

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