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Jun 24 2017

EMDR Institute – EYE MOVEMENT DESENSITIZATION AND REPROCESSING THERAPY #international #studies #degree #online

# Welcome to EMDR Institute Inc. Providing an effective therapy for the treatment of trauma. The EMDR Institute™, founded by Dr Francine Shapiro in 1990, offers quality trainings in the EMDR™ methodology, a treatment approach which has been empirically validated in over 24 randomized studies of trauma victims. An additional 24 studies have demonstrated positive effects for the eye movement component used in EMDR therapy. Participants in the EMDR Institute trainings will have an opportunity to practice EMDR therapy in small groups with direct observation and constructive feedback from highly skilled EMDR Institute trained clinicians. These experiential trainings will …

Jun 23 2017

What is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)? Webopedia Definition #voip, #voice #over #internet #protocol, #communications,

# VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol Voice over Internet Protocol is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of the PSTN . Advantages of VoIP One advantage of VoIP is that the telephone calls over the Internet do not incur a surcharge beyond what the user is paying for Internet access, much in the same way that the user doesn’t pay for sending individual emails over the Internet. There are many Internet …

Jun 23 2017

What Exactly is a Behavioral Science Degree? #behavioral #science #degree,college #majors,human #actions #and #interaction,social #work,counselors,neural-decision

# Free Degree Information: Behavioral Science Degree When researching potential college majors, you may have come across the behavioral science degree, but not know exactly what that covers. A behavioral science degree explores the effect of human actions and interaction. It is a bridge that connects the natural sciences with the social sciences. Many people who major in behavioral science go on to acquire social work positions or to become counselors. However, the business world is now also seeking behavioral science majors to help them find ways to beat the competition. A behavioral science degree can take one of two …

Jun 23 2017

SMU Caribbean Medical School, Caribbean Veterinary School # #caribbean #medical #schools, #highly #ranked, #great #gpas,

# Details Last Updated on Monday, 15 June 2015 09:37 “Improving Life by Degrees” Providing quality, affordable medical and veterinary education focused on the success of our students is the foundation of St. Matthew’s University. Our faculty and staff are as committed to your dreams as you are, and our small class sizes mean you receive personalized attention. Since 1997, more than two thousand students have obtained their MD and DVM degrees from SMU. Our graduates have earned residencies and/or permanent licensure in more than 45 states in the U.S. Canada, and numerous other countries. Our students achieve exceptional scholastic …

Jun 23 2017

Used Auto Parts: Find Used Car Parts Near You at Pull-A-Part #used #auto #parts #tyler

# We Sell Auto Parts Differently and Save You More Money. Quality and difference greet you at each Pull-A-Part lot. Attractively landscaped and diligently maintained, we have won environmental awards for our continuing efforts to bring the look and function of each location to its fullest potential. We work hard to be a welcomed, dependable neighbor in the communities we serve, and our efforts show every day. Entering each store, you will be greeted by our friendly and helpful staff members. They will lead you to our high-tech inventory touch screen and quickly check what we have on display or …

Jun 23 2017

Bond v #carol #bond #health #foods

# Editor’s Note : Bond v. United States Holding. Section 229 of the Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation Act of 1998, which criminalizes, among other things, the possession or use of “chemical weapons,” does not reach Bond’s conviction for simple assault, arising from her efforts to poison her husband’s mistress by spreading chemicals on (among other things) her doorknob, causing only a minor burn that was easily treated with water. Judgment. Reversed and remanded. 9-0, in an opinion by Chief Justice Roberts on June 2, 2014. Justice Scalia filed an opinion concurring in the judgement, in which Justice Thomas joined, and …

Jun 23 2017

Instopia – Insured Utopia Insurance Services #isurance

# Instopia, established in 1995, first opened its doors to Los Angeles County and is one of the most dependable consultants to business owners in California. Our mission is to consult advise all types of business owners in reaching their business goals and managing their assets by targeting Korean Communities in U.S. Korea. With dedication and commitment, we hope to develop stronger foundation in businesses within Korean Communities throughout U.S. for future generations. Personal and Business Insurance with Direct Contract to Major Companies, Financial, Retirement Consulting. Certified Education class for Employment Risk Management in each industies. We are One Stop, …

Jun 23 2017

Prosecuting an 86-year-old for electioneering? Really? #california, #prosecution, #republican, #electioneering, #edie #knight, #edie, #edith, #knight,

# A video screenshot shows Republican activist Edie Knight of Atascadero talking on the phone in the lobby of the Elks Lodge on Election Day, June 7, 2016. She faces two charges of electioneering at a polling place. YouTube A video screenshot shows Republican activist Edie Knight of Atascadero talking on the phone in the lobby of the Elks Lodge on Election Day, June 7, 2016. She faces two charges of electioneering at a polling place. YouTube May 11, 2017 2:32 PM Prosecuting an 86-year-old for electioneering? Give the widow a warning and let her go By the Editorial Board …

Jun 23 2017

Best Dispatch Software – 2017 Reviews, Pricing & Demos #service #dispatch #software

# Dispatch Software Dispatching is a crucial function of field service software. So much so that some products focus exclusively in this one area. These systems typically include features for route planning, scheduling services and managing work orders, among other dispacthing-specfic activities. With that in mind, we ve created this buyer s guide, just to address the specific functions of this particular application for the field service market. Here s what we ll cover: What Is Service Dispatch Software? These dispatch scheduling systems perform the crucial functions that are associated with sending technicians into the field to solve customer support …

Jun 23 2017

NYU Abu Dhabi University – College in UAE, New York University #nyu #psychology #phd

# NYU Abu Dhabi A distinctive element of NYUAD is a robust research environment, one that supports the disciplinary areas of the curriculum, creates collaborations in new and exciting interdisciplinary fields, nurtures the development of graduate programs, and supports research of the highest quality on topics of importance and relevance to Abu Dhabi and to our world today. Read more Visit the NYUAD Art Gallery But We Cannot See Them: Tracing a UAE Art Community, 1988-2008 March 2 – September 2, 2017 Academic Calendar Find out when semesters begin and end, when exams take place, and more.