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Nov 6 2017

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Load Testing For Your WebSite

Load Testing For Your WebSite

PushToTest TestMaker is the best solution for load testing Web applications from simple websites to integrated marketing applications (Facebook, Twitter, Voting, Google Apps) and the supporting infrastructure. PushToTest provides tools, training. test authoring record/playback utility, and global service experts to get your software developers, testers, and IT Ops managers on load testing your Website. Use the PushToTest methodology to build a test plan, performance and load test scenario, and reports to diagnose and analyze the location and root cause of performance bottlenecks, functional issues, and security weaknesses.

PushToTest performs load and performance tests for modern browser-based applications using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and HtmlUnit. TestMaker cost effectively operates 100 users to 5,000,000 users. TestMaker runs tests in your QA lab, in Cloud Environments from Amazon, GoGrid, and Collabnet, and both. Easily generate millions of page-views.

TestMaker requires no high up-front costs, no need to develop or spend on in-house expertise, easy script-less test creation tools, easy configuration, and in a few minutes: the root cause to performance bottlenecks!

TestMaker provides instant Scalability Index data to show how a Website’s ability to scale linearly.


  • Testing for your Agile teams. Repurpose tests among developers, testers, IT Ops. Inexpensive for your entire team’s to use.
  • Single tool repurposes your test scripts to be functional tests, load and performance tests, and production service monitors. All in one tool Website load testing tool.
  • Test your origin servers and the Akamai Edge Caching Network
  • Forecast your application’s server, CPU, memory, network bandwidth needs
  • Mix developer unit tests, with record/playback QA tester tests
  • Familiar environment for Java, PHP, Ruby, C# developers to repurpose their existing unit tests.
  • Run your tests in 45 Cloud Performance Test Data Centers around the globe
  • Compatible with integrated (Facebook, Google Apps, Twitter) sites, TestMaker works with Rich Internet Application (RIA,) Ajax, Flex, Oracle Forms and Applets
  • Use your choice of browser – Internet Explorer (IE,) Firefox, Chrome, Safari, the Webkit browsers, and HtmlUnit (high performance headless browser) for website load testing, provides better AJAX support, clearer reporting of errors and an experience that more accurately mimics the real user load test experience
  • Tests from 100 users to 5 million virtual users


  • Agile and scalable using Test Management. Manage thousands of stories, use cases, and tests.
  • Inexpensive for your entire team’s to use in paired development. Developers and Testers use the tool during all phases of application development and integration.
  • First-class integration with Rally. View status of the tests associated with a story in one powerful report.
  • Runs as part of your continuous integration and deployment system – Hudson, Jenkins, Cruise Control, Bamboo
  • Run the test again at any time to make sure your Web application is still performing

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