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Sep 27 2017

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Hospitality & Paper Supplies in Australia

Businesses of all sizes constantly need to replenish and stock hospitality supplies to meet their daily requirements. They are essential for the maintenance, good hygiene and smooth operation of any commercial space. However, listing out these essentials and working out a constant supply system can be quite a task, especially if you have various suppliers for each product.

Direct Hospitality offers convenient options to source essential hospitality supplies for schools, hospitals, hotels and corporates. Our services are widespread in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Our Products

We supply all kinds of products that you are likely to need for your business. Broadly speaking, our products include paper supplies, chemicals, coffee, food packaging, motel supplies, health & aged care, school and office supplies. A quick peek under each and you will find everything you need for your business.

From housekeeping items to office paper supplies, cheap toilet paper, tissue and paper roll, we can meet all of your needs. Our years of experience in the industry have taught us to predict your needs and list all the items that you could possibly need.

If you are a start up business, you will realy appreciate our extensive selections, and if you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll be surprised to find new items on our list that are bound to come in handy.

Specialised services

We realise very well that each business has its own budget. To help you stick with your budget, we list a host of products for you to choose from, making sure there’s something in every price range.

The more you buy, the more you save. Our buyers solicit only the best prices from our dealers, making sure you enjoy sizeable discounts on all your purchases. We are positive you cannot find better rates elsewhere. To make sure you enjoy this benefit to the fullest, we encourage you to buy in large quantities. Further, we also offer:

  • Excellent rewards program
  • Price match promise and 100% money back guarantee
  • Flexible return policy
  • Eco friendly supply solutions
  • Easy and free delivery options

If all this isn’t enough, you should try our committed customer service. Call us on 1800 999 905 or email us to discuss your needs today.

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