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Aug 31 2018

Hand Center Of San Antonio in San Antonio, TX 78240

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Hand Center Of San Antonio

jessica b.

over a year ago

bad environment, bad workers the employees and work environment are bad, they talk about patients after they leave, how patients call on the phone and nag to the billing department. They brag about how they make their millions but still send patients non stop reminders of a FIVE dollar balance. Its also a poor place to work to try to make a living. I only worked there for 3 months and from day ONE, the back office supervisor disliked me. One day the office recieved a call from my babysitter to inform me that my baby was throwing up and had a fever, I left work right away, the next day I went into work and my supervisor, Ray, thought I was making it up just to get off of work! He didn’t want to fully train me so that he could say I wasn’t picking up training fast enough to make me look bad.

michelle g.

over a year ago

We overcome by the word of our testimony. After having to change from one doctor to another I was excited when I found a place that actually answered all my questions and such friendly staff. The front desk assisted with concerns from past experiences with other offices. The check out girl was really nice and made sure I had all my follow up appointments set up. With some billing background I wanted to be sure that my doctors were contracted with my insurance as this was verified quickly. Sometime later I had a balance with The Hand Center and the billing department worked with me as I had fallen on hard times and extended credit in the form of a payment arrangement for a few months I was so happy they worked with me. Kudos hand center.

Shelly M.

over a year ago

I was very pleased. I went for and appt. on January 3,2012 saw Dr Bagg and it was for CTS. He was Awesome very proffesional and sweet made me very very comfortable and informed me of every step. His staff was very sweet all the way from the very first time I called to make the appt. When I walked in I was greeted with a smile and friendly attuide. Im telling you the whole experince was GREAT I HIGHLY RECCOMEND IT. As for the billing all I paid was my copay and so I have no issues there.


over a year ago

BEWARE of Billing Department. Nice Friendly Doctor but billing staff works through extremely misleading billing practices. Will lie to your face about cost and then bill your insurance for treatments you didn’t receive or request. In my case, it cost me over 1000 AFTER insurance coverage for less than one hour visit. Will NOT work with you on Cost!


over a year ago

Totally Unprofessional – Deceptive Billing Practice This center was referred to me after I broke my hand. Dr. Bagg diagnosed and treated my break. No problem at all with Dr. Bagg. He seems like a good guy and very competent.

Unfortunately, the doctors are only part of the equation these days. After I had my cast removed, the office staff recommended some Therapy Putty by AliMed Inc. This is a little dab of what looks like silly putty used for rehab. They said the insurance would cover the cost. Well, it didn’t. They sent me a bill for $20 for this dab of putty. After I researched this stuff, it can be bought in volume for $1. Yes, a buck.

I called the billing department and told them I wasn’t paying $20 for something that cost $1. Linda said her supervisor would call me back and discuss the situation. That was January 2011. Fast forward three months and they’re now sending threatening letters. Keep in mind I’ve paid every charge on time – except the $20 putty rip off. I called them on Friday and told Rocio that I wasn’t paying for the putty and that I would send it back. It hasn’t been used. She said her supervisor would call me back. Guess what? No call. Shocking.

I developed Carpal Tunnel during rehab. I went back for a steroid shot about a month ago and they tried to get me to leave with their wrist support/brace. This time I asked how much it cost. $60. I went to Wal Mart and bought a comparable product for less than $20.

If you wonder why health care costs are out of control, look to these rip off clinics as part of the problem. Trying to gouge insurance companies and then passing the cost on to the consumer when that plan doesn’t work is part of the reason your premiums are going up.


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