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Nov 30 2017

Enterprise Mobile Content Management (MCM) Vendor List #mobile #content #management


Enterprise Mobile Content Management (MCM) Vendor List

Enterprise Mobile Content Management (MCM) Vendor List

By Anj Bryant May 20, 2014 3:10 PM

Enterprise Mobile Content Management (MCM) provides the balance between end user productivity and business-related mobile security.

The struggle between the need for employees to gain access to their email, calendar and other proprietary corporate data while on the go and the need for IT admins to safeguard the security of the network continue. How can network administrators support the productivity needs of its mobile workforce while keeping the network and data security risks at bay? Employing a mobile content management solution for your company is the answer. Enterprise mobile content management offers the compromise that employees and IT administrators need to both do their jobs effectively.

AirWatch MCM

AirWatch offers a content collaboration solution that ensures secure management and deployment of corporate content to mobile devices. The central feature of this solution is the AirWatch Secure Control Locker, an application that provides a vault-type security for all types of corporate content. AirWatch Secure Control Locker features data containerization and allows IT admins to apply the appropriate security controls prior to upload or deployment. Within the Secure Control Locker, employees can freely add, manage and share any type of content with no device management needed. In addition, AirWatch Secure Control Locker Sync enables easy desktop to device (and vice versa) content synchronization.The AirWatch system supports over 25 CMIS integrations and provides cloud, on-premises and hybrid content storage options. AirWatch MCM can be sold as a stand-alone product or packaged with other mobility solutions like AirWatch MDM or AirWatch WorkSpace.

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AppSense DataNow and AppSense Mobile Email

AppSense has two separate product offerings that provide mobile content management, the AppSense DataNow and the AppSense Mobile Email. Mobile Email readily comes with AppSense MobileNow, the company’s flagship MDM solution. Organizations can choose between a secure native iOS email option for seamless end-user experience or a secure AppSense certified third party email app option which includes MAM controls and policies. AppSense DataNow can be purchased as a stand-alone product or also bundled with MobileNow. DataNow promotes an on-premises content management solution, making use of an organization’s current storage infrastructure as a secure repository for all corporate data. This setup provides added protection and control over the company’s important files and content. There is, however, also an option for public cloud storage or hybrid storage migration available.

BlackBerry MCM (BES10)

Built within BlackBerry’s mobility platform solution, BlackBerry Enterprise Service or BES10 provides the same secure environment for content distribution and management. With BlackBerry Balance for BlackBerry devices and Secure Work Space for Android and iOS devices, the system features a complete division between a user’s work and personal content offering complete device Data Leak Prevention (DLP) and data protection. A Work Connect app allows employees easy and secure access to their email, contacts and calendar. The system features AES-256-bit enterprise connectivity and encryption capabilities, eliminating the need for any VPN access. BES10 also provides Documents To Go which fully supports Microsoft Office suite and depending on IT permissions, allows employees to view, edit and share files via email, BBM or even SD cards.

Citrix MCM (XenMobile App)

Like some enterprise mobility providers, Citrix’s mobile content management solution comes as a bundled solution with it’s MAM — in this case the Citrix XenMobile App. Citrix MCM stands out with its integrated collaboration features. Employees can automatically join any mobile conference directly from their WorxMail calendars via GoTo Meeting, Lync or Webex conferencing. Integration with SMS and FaceTime enables auto dialing of participant IDs or dialing in to conference bridges. Secure email features are provided using Citrix WorxMail which supports Office 365 and Lotus Notes. Email provisions for out of office notifications and for allowing the sender to apply security restrictions such as editing, saving or copying email or attachments are also included. Other collaboration tools available are CXMWeb, which enables secure browsing and ShareFile, which provides employees read-only access to network drives and SharePoint data.

Cortado Corporate Server 7

The Cortado Corporate Server 7 provides an integrated mobile content solution based on the central server standard file sharing capabilities, extended to mobile devices and combined with cloud desktop management. The Cortado app resides in the employee’s smartphone, tablet or laptop or even desktop and provides secured remote access to any network approved resource such as email, network drives, printers and faxes. Cortado Sync’s unique unidirectional synchronization saves time and ensures that data is always available and up to date. An additional cool feature is Cortado’s real mobile printing, which uses a smartphone or tablet to print from a network printer or any off-site Wi-Fi printer.

Good Technology features mobile content management through several of its product offerings: Good Collaboration Suite, Good Share, Accellion, Box, and mobilEcho. Throughout these applications, Good MCM focuses on providing total and secure access to email, calendar, contacts, instant messaging, browsing and document sharing via Good’s app-level encryption and next-generation containerization technologies. Good’s system provides secure access and document sharing to corporate files regardless of what mobile device employees use and file location, whether it is in the network or in the cloud.

IBM MaaS360 Secure Document Sharing

IBM’s MaaS360 Secure Document Sharing provides safe distribution and sharing of business documents to mobile devices using a suite of integrated office productivity tools. With Enterprise Document Catalog and Document Lifecycle Management, MaaS360 SDS enables central management of content and distribution. The system also features content level policy enforcement and strict compliance monitoring for complete document protection and reporting. MaaS360 offers hosting within its global distribution network, for maximum scalability. Integration with MaaS360 Secure Mail and corporate file shares, such as SharePoint, Windows File Share Box is provided for further collaboration capabilities.


SAP has been a household name in enterprise-level management applications for some time. SAP has stepped into the mobile market with a new mobile content management solution which is part of their larger mobile management suite. SAP MCM provides the mechanism to enable secure access to corporate content from anywhere. In addition, SAP MCM allows secure sharing of documents, with a “single source of truth” philosophy to help maintain document integrity. Business risk management is at the heart of SAP’s MCM with SAP Mobile Documents, enabling users to instantly access documents on their PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet via SAP’s HANA cloud.


With an eye toward offering customers a single, centralized source for management of their mobile content, SOTI MCM is simplistic, secure and easy to use. Focusing on customer key requirements like auditable trails of document distribution and secure sharing, SOTI’s mobile content management solution showcases on what is important to its enterprise customers. Features such as non-compliance, predictability and consistency for content and access as a dependable MCM platform is equally critical. SOTI MCM answers these needs by providing an authentication and policy based engine with the ability to configure device, user and usage management. Additionally, SOTI provides a diverse offering of features and functions across the whole MCM platform. SOTI’s enterprise control panel provides management of mandatory, recommended and prohibited apps, and offers on-the-fly, over-the-air and silent install or removal capability.

Symantec MCM (App Center)

Symantec’s mobile content management solution is offered as part of the App Center product and not available as a solo offering. Aside from its MAM functionality, the App Center also provides management tools that enable secure distribution of corporate content to any type of wireless device. Using the same technology to secure enterprise apps, the system creates a security layer to protect sensitive corporate data and allows IT administrators to apply the appropriate security policies before deployment. Data security and management policies include file sharing, user authentication, offline access, local data storage and encryption, secure app and SSL connection certificates. A secure email app is available with support for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and Lotus Notes; as well as a secure web app to access web-based internal content.

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