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Feb 14 2018

Email Options – Procare Support

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Email Options

Choose your email settings for Procare. Email may be sent directly through Microsoft Outlook, or by using another email program that supports SMTP protocol. Procare itself is not an email program (known as an email client ) it simply communicates with your third party email program. You may need to contact your email provider for information on how to send SMTP email.

Set Email Options for Each Location

  1. You must log on to Procare as a member of the System Supervisor User Group.
  2. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration System Locations Users dbl-click Regions Schools .
  3. Click the plus sign (+) next to the Region Code to see the schools in that region.
  4. Dbl-click the School. or click once to select it then click the Set Options button.
  5. Enter the email address for this location.
    1. On the left choose the category General and scroll down until you see Email Options .
    2. If you are using Outlook select True for Use Outlook for email then skip to the next step.
      Requirement: You must use Outlook 2003 or later. Outlook Express is not compatible.
    3. If you are using another email program that supports SMTP protocol select True for Use SMTP Server for email then click the plus sign (+) next to SMTP Settings and enter the Server Address (or Name) as well as the User Name and Password .
    4. When using sending the same email to multiple addresses, the BCC ( Blind Carbon Copy) Email Address Count limits the number of recipients included each email. Leaving the setting at 1 is the most conservative approach. Why would I change the BCC Email Address Count?
    5. If your SMTP mail server requires a secure connection set Enable SSL Security to True .
      Important! Contact your email provider to see if they support SMTP protocol or your local computer technician if you are hosting your own mail server.
    6. You can leave Timeout at the default value. If you get disconnected from your email program, you may increase the Timeout value.
  6. Click Save (lower right) then click the Email Test button (bottom center) and send a test email to yourself to confirm that the settings work as expected.
  7. Once your email test is successful click Exit to return to the Regions and Schools screen. If you have more than one location repeat these steps as needed to set email options for each of them.

SMTP Settings for Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Some third party email providers such as Google s gmail, Yahoo, etc. may allow you to send SMTP email through their mail servers using your account credentials (username and password). Although Procare cannot support third party email you may find it helpful to review the settings below for such vendors.

Know Your Sending Limits
Each provider has specific limits as to the number of recipients per message, number of emails sent per day, etc. If you exceed the limits, your email account may be blocked or suspended. Contact your email provider for details. Business email accounts are generally more flexible than free accounts. See: Avoid Looking Like a Spammer

Implicit SSL (Port 465) is NOT Supported
Some email providers, such as Verizon and AT T, use a type of SSL authentication called Implicit SSL , which typically uses port 465. Implicit SSL is not supported.

Note: The settings below are determined by the vendor and can change without notice.

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