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Aug 11 2017

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Water causes mold! You need to remove is as soon as possible! Deal with a company that gives you a guarantee, that if the insurance company does not pay you owe nothing!

Is this a covered insurance loss? We are licensed with the state of georgia as adjusters to tell you if this is covered or not. And if’s its not and we say it is you owe nothing! Guarantee we put this in writing on each and every contract that you sign. No games, just service quick and friendly service.

When disaster happens you need someone who cares about you and your house, that’s us.Peachtree Emergency Water Removal we care so much that we don’t charge a fee upfront and we bill the insurance company for everything. If insurance does not pay you pay nothing. Click the button for more info.

Only the latest equipment!

We use the most advance equipment to make sure that we find every inch of water. Behind the walls is one of the hardest to find areas that water is hiding, Click below and learn more

“Peachtree Water Removal got here quick, cleaned up everything and got my house looking better than it did before. I didn’t even have to pay them a deductible.” E. Brown Allstate Claim dec 2012

What we do and why!

Insurance companies wants you control your loss, how? Click below and you will learn what we do and why we are the best water removal company to work with!

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